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In September Aforti Holding multiplied the value of the loans issued and again reported record turnover at the foreign exchange platform

3 October 2017

Aforti Holding Group, which renders financial services for the SME sector, presented its operational and sales performance for September 2017. Loans issued in the period by Aforti Finance were worth PLN 3.1 million and the value of the applications filed reached PLN 18.7 million. In September, Aforti Exchange had a turnover of EUR 9.9 million at the foreign exchange platform. Aforti Collections  dealt with debt recovery cases worth PLN 0.9 million.

In September, Aforti Finance, which offers micro-loans for the small and medium-sized enterprises sector, issued loans in the total amount of over PLN 3.1 million, against PLN 248.8 thousand in September 2016. There were 213 applications filed in this period for the total amount of PLN 18.7 million, whereas in September 2016 there were 77 applications filed for the amount of PLN 2.7 million.

Persistent development in this business area bring about a dynamic increase in the number and value of the credit applications filed. Since the beginning of the year the value of the loans issued reached PLN 23.6 million, and the value of the applications filed reached PLN 122.7 million.

Aforti Finance consistently implements its sales policy and works on expanding its own branch network all over Poland. In the last weeks we focused on the sales and broadening the portfolio of products for companies as we can observe a growing interest in such financial products. Klaudiusz Sytek, the Presitent of aforti Holding S.A. explains.

 Aforti Exchange running an online foreign exchange platform reported EUR 9.9 million turnover in September, which constitutes a significant increase when compared to EUR 2.8 million reached in the same month last year. In six months of 2017 the total turnover amounted to EUR 56.1.

The fact that our Regional Sales Directors team has grown to 8 persons already, of course among other things, resulted in another record at Aforti Exchange foreign exchange platform. The turnover was considerably higher when compared both to September 2016 and the previous month of this year i.e. by 29%. Klaudiusz Sytek says.

Aforti Collections rendering debt collection services has contracted to deal with 334 debt collection cases worth PLN 0.9 million, whereas in August the value reached PLN 2.6 million. Since the beginning of the year, the value of debt collection cases reached PLN 20.7 million.

“In the last weeks we concentrated on the execution of the payment plan of the purchased portfolio of receivables in order to maximise the recoveries. We have a selective approach to commencing cooperation with new clients, we care about possibly the highest possible quality of the portfolio. In September we participated in a few tenders, yet the price we offered, which was in our opinion the optimal amount, turned out to be lower than the winning offer. ”, Klaudiusz Sytek.

Aforti Holding financial Group reported PLN 41.9 million of consolidated income in 2Q 2017. The figure is triple the amount reached in the analogous period in 2016. Consolidated net profit of the Group amounted to PLN 424.1 thousand and was by 52.6% higher that the profit in the same months last year. In the quarter the Group reached EBIT margin (operating profit) level.


About Aforti Capital Group:

Aforti Holding is a financial Group dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as micro-businesses. It provides top quality comprehensive services in the scope of personal finances and managing enterprises’ finances. The services on Group’s offer are addressed to both individual clients as well as experienced investors and medium-sized firms searching for optimal forms of financing their businesses and development plans.

Aforti Holding S.A. serves as a holding company for two key entities which offer complementary services to clients with broad portfolio spectrum as well as for Aforti Ac Sp. z o. o. conducting bookkeeping and accounting activity for other entities of the Group. Additionally, it renders marketing, legal and IT services for the said companies. Since 2011 it has been listed on alternative trading system on the New Connect market.

Vigorously developing Aforti Finance S.A. offers micro-loans to entrepreneurs. Aforti Finance comprises highly experienced professionals who have worked with both individual clients as well as enterprises. They have specialist qualifications in the area of sales of financial instruments.

Aforti Exchange Sp. z o. o. is a company providing foreign exchange services via an online platform. The operator renders services of exchanging nine foreign currencies. Aforti Exchange uses the growing trend, which shows that entrepreneurs importing and exporting goods and services seek cost savings connected with transactions in foreign currencies. Internet foreign exchange, currency exchange online platforms – that is an alternative to bank platforms which influences cost rationalisation of transactions in foreign currencies.

Aforti Collections S.A. specialises in managing receivables with the use of a wide range of debt collection tools. Its core activity is the management of the receivables and debt collection, as well as acquiring and servicing debt portfolios. Aforti Collections offer includes such services as payment monitoring or amicable and judicial debt collection; it also purchases debt portfolios. The offer is addressed to the SME sector, entities rendering B2B services, banks and loan institutions, insurance agencies, as well as telecommunications operations, and internet service providers.

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