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Aforti Exchange

Current exchange rates

Data updated: 19 June 2018, 03:12
EUR PLN4,29414,3151
USD PLN3,69053,7105
GBP PLN4,89664,9134
CHF PLN3,71573,7446
EUR SEK10,233010,2834
EUR USD1,15671,1698
CZK PLN0,16500,1688
HUF PLN *1,31501,3420
NOK PLN0,45070,4608
RUB PLN0,03660,0798
SEK PLN0,41470,4246
EUR CZK24,760926,8172
EUR NOK9,42459,4652
RON PLN0,89660,9316
EUR RON4,64784,6884
JPY PLN0,01210,0551
BGN PLN2,18832,2132
EUR CHF1,15381,1572
EUR GBP0,87550,8787
* - Rate for 100 units of the currency
Exchange rates obtained for transactions of a minimum value EUR 100 000.