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Klaudiusz Sytek, the President of the Management Board talks about Aforti Finance S.A. with Puls Biznesu

14 June 2017

Please feel invited to read an article on the comparison of micro-firms’ traditional and on-line financing.

“At present we finance also small limited liability companies as we observe that numerous sole proprietorships transform into such companies.”, Klaudiusz Sytek says.

“Assessment criteria for companies are similar to those the banks have, we finance only businesses in good condition. Nevertheless, what distinguishes us from the banks is the fact that we take deep interest in each and every Client and we are willing to take a good care even of the small enterprises; we do not paint all the Clients with the same brush, for instance entrepreneurs operating in a given sector, as we are aware that even in the threatened industries, there still may be enterprises in good condition. What is more, we react fast and in a flexible manner.”, Klaudiusz Sytek emphasises.

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