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Aforti Exchange

Current exchange rates

Data updated: 20 July 2018, 23:54
EUR PLN4,30604,3334
USD PLN3,67153,6969
GBP PLN4,82834,8482
CHF PLN3,70013,7330
EUR SEK10,344210,4017
EUR USD1,16271,1819
CZK PLN0,16250,1716
HUF PLN *1,31091,3439
NOK PLN0,44240,4587
RUB PLN0,03340,0826
SEK PLN0,40840,4242
EUR CZK24,841526,8705
EUR NOK9,55899,6151
RON PLN0,89360,9346
EUR RON4,63164,6768
JPY PLN0,00850,0576
BGN PLN2,19252,2251
EUR CHF1,15881,1684
EUR GBP0,88800,8974
* - Rate for 100 units of the currency
Exchange rates obtained for transactions of a minimum value EUR 100 000.